Kleinwindkraftanlagen – Sauberer Strom fürs eigene Heim

Welche Bauarten gibt es, wo werden sie eingesetzt, welche Leistungen werden erbracht, wie hoch sind die Kosten, wie laut ist so eine Kleinwindkraftanlage, wie schaut’s mit Genehmigungen dafür aus und einiges mehr erfahren Sie in diesem BioTV-Beitrag.

The process of having a grid connection approval of a 5kW VAWT in Sweden (Swedish)

Pacwind, Inc 500 watt VAWT Seahawk – Silent, bird friendly, CEC certified,

Wind mill Innovative high-energy potential. The blades reproduce all the appearance of a sailboat that would make a circle in the water with a wind determined. The blades are always optimized and be settled in real time depending on the wind direction. The tangentially thrust on the arms of the rotor is always optimized. The windmill received distinctions in each competition where it was presented. Details: http://www.eolprocess.com/start.php

This Darrius turbine was designed and created through SENEA, Sustainable Energy for North Eastern Asia, and operates at a test site in Hunchun, China. All materials are Chinese quality and were purchased in Hunchun. Fabrication was done with instruments that any Chinese citizen has access to, so it is effectively home built. It self starts at under 5 mph winds, and this video shows its first ever rotation. Average windspeeds in the area top 15 mph and in these the rpm are more akin to Darrius turbine rpm

Bauanleitung für einen billigen Savoniusrotor.
Bausatz: http://www.berezintechnologies.com
Details und Blog: http://berezin.com
Teil 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24LSnATIZhw